Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So Much Chanel... So Little Time...

I've read some really fascinating articles on Chanel lately courtesy of the Wall Street Journal Magazine...(in case you aren't aware they produce some amazing interview pieces and profiles of fashion industry insiders - check it out)... and I thought I'd pass them along. Here is a behind the scenes profile of Chanel's skilled ateliers, complete with sneak peeks inside the couture showrooms.. There is also a great interactive menu that illustrates the inspiration of the Byzance collection (to date one of my all-time favorite Chanel collections - find a refresher here) and an interview with Karl Lagerfeld on the processes that go into making the collections. Read that here.

Also.. if you are going to be in the Los Angeles area this weekend.. you should really head out to the Chanel Rodeo Drive store because they will be conducting an in-store purse construction demonstration!! It's on Mother's Day so I don't know if I can swing it.. but it really does sound like an amazing event. Eek!! Thank you Purse Blog for posting about this and all of the following pics are from that post :) 
Okay.. one more Chanel plug (geeze you'd think I'd be getting kick-backs for this) Yesterday Heritage Auctions conducted their luxury handbag and accessories auction and of course I was out-bid on everything I wanted.. but there are some a-maze-ing Chanel jewelry pieces that didn't sell (gasp!) that are available for direct purchase. They are all out of my price range but they are none the less amazing.. check em out here. (hopefully you won't have to log on to view them - but just in case here are a few) 



  1. I wish Chanel wasn't so expensive...because I LOVE it. Also, I have been checking that estate sales website like everyday. I blame you for my obsession...but in a good way!