Friday, October 29, 2010

Scary Chic... lovely ladies in peril

Since Halloween is around the corner I got to thinking about who I consider to be the most stylish women in spooky films and came up with this list. Side note: I thought of a few others but decided to keep it to only films I have actually seen and enjoy.

Mia Farrow, Rosemary's Baby, 1968
Ellen Burstyn, The Exorcist, 1973
Claire Bloom, The Haunting, 1963
Susannah York, Images, 1972
Tippi Hedren, The Birds, 1963
Simone Signoret, Les Diaboliques, 1955
Audrey Hepburn, Wait Until Dark, 1967

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Balenciaga: Yesterday and Today...

No doubt by now you have caught wind of the upcoming Balenciaga exhibit opening in New York at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute, November 19th. If I hadn't used up all my vacation days for the year, and had tons of leisure money, I would seriously consider making a quick trip out to the big apple! The exhibit gets back to his roots and highlights the Spanish influences on his designs, displaying over 60 pieces, many of which have never been exhibited before.

It seems that Balenciaga is really popping out at me these days... The other day at lunch I was skimming through AnOther magazine (the one with the fabulous Bjork on the cover) and came across this cool layout, photographed by Venitia Scott. I liked the general vintagy theme but normally prefer the over-the-top '70s as opposed to the beachy laid-back '70s... However, certain prints were really standing out to me and upon closer inspection I noticed they were all Balenciaga!

Now we all know that Cristobal is no longer the face behind Balenciaga, but in the Resort 2011 collection, Nicolas Ghesquiere plays with the designs Cristobal created for the airlines. I didn't even know there were Balenciaga airline uniforms... (new research project!) but wouldn't have you loved to be on that plane??
Check out the rest of the collection here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Comments Update

I just now realized that I have comments on my blog and have figured out (or think I have) how to be notified when I receive new ones. So sorry if I never commented back and THANK YOU for leaving them!!

Now that I have a handle on this.. comment away!

Cuckoo Couture

I've been really getting into Anna Dello Russo's blog lately after I saw this spread for W Magazine, in which Anna poses in one (or both) or her two adjoining apartments. Anna is an Editor at Large for Vogue Japan and is in general quite the avant garde fashionista... This article really touches on the "crazed heiress" motif that I mentioned in my Eva Mendes post a while back, and while Ms. Dello Russo is apparently self-made she still exudes the same cuckoo fabulousness that I am talking about. She lives in her Italian flat, and her clothes live in the one next door - literally. I mean, c'mon wow!! She also eludes in the interview that her brief marriage broke up because she would not let her husband have any closet space. But really, can you blame her?

Read the full article here on her blog /
Photographer: Juergen Teller

Monday, October 25, 2010

Desert Oasis...

So Pedram and I had a lovely weekend away in Palm Springs and I am very pleased to say that I accomplished pretty much everything on my vaycay to-do list... beginning with visiting the Parker hotel, where P and I first got together a year and a half ago. This hotel has that amazing retro 60s vibe to it, with beautiful grounds and to my surprise, now has hammocks!
We got to the Richard Avedon exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum right before it closed and I was able to revel in the amazing black and white glamour and fashion hanging on the walls... No photos allowed, so I rrrrrreally wanted to buy his fashion book in the gift shop but - oh lord it was $100! So I held out and bought the Robert Doisneau book I mentioned in my last post.
Believe it or not we went to 3 Vintage stores in one hour...the first of which was called Dazzles. The store seems more like a motel, with a bunch of little rooms all connected and sells amazing 50s and 60s furniture and the most overwhelmingly awesome collection of vintage jewelery... My fave was this gold snake necklace/bracelet/earrings set however with a $225 price tag I opted for some lucite ear bobs instead. Next I hit up the Angel View Thrift Mart and bought an amazing 1970s I.Magnin striped maxi, and last but not least, visited Revivals where right at closing saw this great bedazzled-collar sheath dress (very Mad Men)! After that I needed a nap and to not take out my credit card for many many days...

Thanks Palm Springs, for giving me that R&R that I really needed!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Palm Springs Weekend!!

I am finally going away with the boyfriend to Palm Springs this weekend and it could not be happening sooner!! I've been researching some possible thrift stores to scour and am making it my mission to see the Richard Avedon exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum... but mainly I am hoping to just lounge poolside. I wish I could do so just like in the photos above, but it's not the '60s and I'm not rich. But still - that is what I'll be doing in my head. 

Top two photos are by photographer, Robert Doisneau and the latter two are by the wonderful Slim Aarons.

See you all on Monday!

Happily Ever After

Ok, I had another post all prepared, but saw this on Vogue online, and thought I'd put it up first. I am not the biggest Anne Hathaway fan, I can't really put my finger on it. I know she's pretty stylish and a decent actress.. but I'm not 100% sold on her guys.. however, she does look pretty lovely here in this spread by Mario Testino, in the November issue of Vogue. I mainly appreciate her mile-high bun, which I am constantly trying to perfect... very Audrey or Liz even. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A few posts back I gushed over Rachel Weisz's photo spread in VS. Magazine.. well in the same issue, there is another great layout featuring Eva Mendes. I guess it's been getting some flack for making light of mental illness.. which isn't cool on some levels, but I dunno guys - I think the photos are pretty great. To me it looks more like a crazed Hollywood actress running wild in her villa... and I am always on board with that scenario. 

Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth.

ps- Blogger tells me they will be performing maintenance to the sight so that may eff up my photo uploads.. we'll see.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Do you know where you're going to?

Hopefully to your nearest video store to rent Mahogany starring the incredible Diana Ross. What a film - and what a wardrobe!! This 1975 film depicts the journey of Tracy, an aspiring fashion designer who only wants to showcase her Japanese-influenced designs, but continually must put her dreams on hold to help Billy Dee Williams run for office, become a top Italian fashion model and constantly rebuff advances made by photographer, Anthony Perkins (who is way creepier than he is in Psycho) Anyhow, the film is worth a watch for the incredible costumes, many of which were designed by Ms. Ross herself!! Also there is an amazing montage of when Tracy's star is rising - I'm talking some major fierce looks that Diana rocks the hell out of... So grab a glass of vino, curl up and enjoy the glamour of Mahogany!